Business Communication Courses


Are bad presentations skills hampering your ability to communicate with others and make an impression? Viewpoint courses give sound practical advice on all aspects of business presentation and business communication. Our courses develop the voice and spoken word, as well as interpersonal skills that are so necessary in the workplace.

Presentations for Professionals – 2 Days

Making convincing presentations is a crucial part of business today. This practical course teaches the step-by-step MSP Method. By attending this course you will rapidly improve both the personal and technical aspects of speaking to an audience. You will be videoed throughout the course to ensure rapid progress. Don’t just present your message – present it successfully!

Interpersonal Communication for Business Processionals – 3 Days

This is an interpersonal communication course that helps participants persuade, lead and raise themselves to new heights. Participants will learn to develop their voice and put their point of view across. They will learn to assert themselves, understand verbal and nonverbal communication, make meetings productive, network and negotiate.



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