Technical Questions

What is a Business Process?

A business process is a set of linked, repetitive business activities that together – and only together – transform inputs into outputs that are of value to a customer.  In essence a business process defines how work is done and how work is coordinated in an enterprise.

What is Business Process Improvement (BPI)?

BPI is the application of  principles and tools to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of key business processes. This is achieved through approaches such as Business Analysis (BA), Business Process Redesign (BPR) and Business Process Management (BPM). The objective of business process improvement is to create a competitive advantage for an enterprise by ramping up business performance.

What is Business Process Redesign (BPR)?

Business Process Redesign (BPR) can be defined as the innovative redesign of key business processes to achieve breakthrough improvements in business performance. BPR is an approach to business process improvement that provides a clear-cut framework and set of tools that can be applied to incremental as well as radical business process change.

What is Reengineering?

Reengineering is a radical approach to business process improvement. It aims at achieving radical improvement in business performance through the concurrent redesign of process flows, information systems and the organisation structure.

What is Business Analysis?

Business Analysis is the discovering, analysing, modelling and specification of the logical requirements of a business before an enabling business information system is designed and built.

What is IDEF0?

The Integrated Definition for Process Modelling (IDEF0) is an effective method to accurately analyse, model and communicate business processes at both the enterprise as well as workflow level of detail.

What is BPMN?

The BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) is a widely accepted notation that can be used by both the business and system developers to describe business processes at detailed workflow level.

What is Lean Thinking?

Lean Thinking is a set of process improvement principles and tools that focus on increasing speed and reducing cost through the elimination of waste and ensuring that each activity in a process is valuable, capable, available and adequate.


Training Course Questions

What is a Short Course?

A short course is an instructor-led training course that focuses on the transfer of a narrow range of methods and skills. At the end of short courses participants should be able to apply their newly gained knowledge and skills to practical situations.

What is an Online Course?

An online course is a course that focuses on the transfer of knowledge and skills through online self-study and the preparation of assignments and projects. Viewpoint e-learning courses require participants to submit regular assignments applying their knowledge to practical situations. All assignments and projects submitted are marked individually and personal coaching is given. 

What is an In-Company Course?

An in-company course is a short course that has been customised according to the requirements of a particular client.