Agile Requirements Analysis: Online Course

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This course focuses on the systematic and disciplined approach to the elicitation, documentation, validation and management of requirements in an Agile context and how Requirements Engineering and Business Analysis methods and techniques can be an advantage when applied in an Agile development process. It leads to the RE@Agile Primer which is an internationally recognised certification. The RE@Agile Primer certification can be obtained without prior experience, does not require renewal, has a simple application process and is cost effective to obtain.


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Course Fee:

R1,610.00 including VAT, payable in advance. This fee excludes IREB® exam fees.


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About the Course

This course provides knowledge in an Agile context, the methods and techniques for requirements elicitation, requirements documentation, model-based techniques and effective validation and management of requirements. The course also includes the classification and assessment of Requirements Engineering artefacts and techniques in the context of Agile and Agile artefacts and techniques in the context of Requirements Engineering. It aims to motivate the use of Agile in a development process.

 Who Should Participate

Business Analysts, Requirements Engineers, Agile Professionals, IT Managers, Testers, Developers, Architects, System Analysts, Requirements Analysts, System Specification Writers, System Designers, System Developers, Software Developers, Project Managers and Information Technology Professionals.

Course Content

  • Motivation and Mindsets
  • Bridging Requirements Engineering and Agile Principles
  • Fundamentals of Agile Analysis
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Agile Development
  • Artefacts in Agile Analysis
  • Techniques in Agile Analysis
  • Organizational Influence on Agile Analysis
  • Handling Problems by Scaling
  • Applying Agile Analysis in Development Projects